Sunday, June 26, 2016


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1 John 2:3

3 Now by this we know that we have come to know God: if we keep his commandments.[NET]
Orji wondered why he would pray, fast, and still struggle to cast out a demon that Emaka wouldn’t even need to strain his voice to cast out. He came to realize that the reason for his little spiritual authority was because he wasn’t properly aligned to Christ authority.
When you read a Bible verse like today's main text, you may wonder why in the New Testament, so much emphasis is still made on commandments. 'Are we not now under grace and no more under the law?' Yes, we are under grace, but being under grace does not mean being lawless. It means the grace of God empowers us to obey God's law that He has now written upon our hearts because of the new covenant (see Heb 10:16). What this means is that a Christian is someone who is under God's authority. He is not a 'free moral agent' but is under the absolute authority of the Lord Jesus.
Any man that is not living under authority has no spiritual right to exert authority. The devil can now only exert authority over members of his household. All authority has been given to our Lord, and there is no more authority left. If you must exert spiritual authority, that authority must be this same authority that the Lord has. You cannot exert this authority if you are not operating under it. This is the real reason why demons do not respect some Christians. Demons do not respect people who have not actively aligned with the only spiritual authority that can cast them out. You align with this authority by living your life under the authority of Christ.
Go into today asking the Lord to help you properly align under His authority (read 1 Pet 5:6).
-Pastor SD Abraham
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