Monday, June 27, 2016


John 15:5
"…for without Me you can do nothing” [NKJV]

After Segun suffered some affliction because of demonic attacks, he sought help from place to place. Pastor Felix had taught him the importance of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Segun was now properly enlightened and could see the need for the Holy Spirit’s baptism. He saw that the presence of the Holy Spirit in His life was the solution to His problems.

One Wednesday evening after communion service, Segun received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Felix had laid hands on Him earlier and he began to speak in tongues uncontrollably for several hours. At that moment, Segun knew he received total deliverance and the word of God became alive in him. He now felt closeness to God that he had never felt in His life. He felt lighter in his spirit.

As some days went bye, Segun discovered that his fire appeared to diminish; he was no longer feeling the presence of God like he felt that Wednesday; he was now beginning to feel ordinary again. He went to Pastor Felix and explained to Him. Pastor Felix immediately understood what Segun was talking about and began to teach Him some truths: “you need to learn how to stay filled with the Spirit at all times, it begins with an acknowledgement that your life is empty without the presence of the Holy Spirit; that without Him, you can do nothing” Pastor Felix opened Ephesians 5 and began to explain from verse 18 how to stay filled with the Spirit (to be continued).

Go into today knowing that God’s presence is the air that your spirit breaths. Without Him, you can do nothing. The more you thirst and seek His presence, the more you receive.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, please teach me to stay filled with your presence always, in Jesus name. Amen.

-Pas SD Abraham


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