Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Heb 1:14
Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? [NIV ]

After fasting all day and was really tired, a man was driving between two towns in the northern part of Nigeria when he had a flat tire. He was in the middle of the wilderness with no human settlement in sigh. Two young men approached him and offered to change his tire; he was so glad and gave them some money when they finished changing his tire. While he was driving away from them, he looked into his rear mirror to observe them as many thoughts flooded his mind about these very nice men in the middle of the wilderness “where did they come from and how come they speak such fluent English?” he thought as he looked in his rear mirror, but couldn’t find them anymore. They had literally disappeared. He also found the money he gave them back in the place where he took it. This is a true story.

Angels minister to those who will inherit salvation, whether they are born again at the time or not. How much more so when you are born again. The Bible tells us that the angel of the Lord encamps around them that fear Him (see Psa 34:7). These angels could also physically manifest themselves if the need arises.

Go into today knowing that you are not alone in this world and you can never ever be forsaken in this life because God who controls angels and the entire universe is on your side.

Prayer: thank you Lord for this day. Thank you for your great love for me. I pray you help me walk always in your will for me. Amen.

-Pas SD Abraham YEARLY BIBLE PLAN: Lamentations

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