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1 Corinthians 12:1
With regard to spiritual gifts, brothers and sisters, I do not want you to be uninformed. [NET]

When Gbenga became born again, it was hard for him to convince his family members that there was anything to be desired in Christianity; they were quite content with their idol worship. One day, as Gbenga studied the Bible, it dawned on Him that when his family members see the gifts of the spirit, they would know Christianity is not just another religion, but the power of God.

His mother had been afflicted with fibroid and Gbenga insisted that the Lord would heal her if she followed him to church. She reluctantly followed him one Sunday, and she was ministered to. Miraculously, her fibroid disappeared. The surgery that was scheduled for the next week was cancelled because the doctor couldn’t find any fibroid in her again. This is how Gbenga’s entire family was brought to the knowledge of the truth because he attended a Church congregation that was not ignorant about spiritual gifts.

God has given us spiritual gifts to make it easier for us to serve him. These gifts are available to every Christian today. You have to believe that you can walk in them before you manifest in them.

As you go into the day, ask the Lord to help activate His gifts that are currently lying latent in you.

Pray this prayer: Lord God, I thank you for your spiritual gifts. I pray you help me walk in them. Amen. not yet saved? Click this link:

-Pas SD Abraham

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