Thursday, December 17, 2015


Mark 4:20 
But these are the ones sown on good soil: They hear the word and receive it and bear fruit, one thirty times as much, one sixty, and one a hundred. [NET]

Someone said ‘I know the word of God says so, but I can’t do it’. This person is an example of someone who has heard the word but does not receive it into his heart.

Many people hear the word of God. Oh, how much people hear the word of God! But what makes the difference is receiving it. You see, when a visitor comes to knock on your front door, you are expected to respond to the knock, but you can choose whether or not to receive the visitor into your house. So it is with the word of God that comes to the door of our hearts. What makes the difference between fruitful and untruthful Christians is whether or not they receive the word of God that they hear.

We receive the word by letting the word of God change us; we let the word change our philosophies that do not align with it; we determine to live as new creatures with a new identity and citizenship as sons of God.

Let’s go into today determining to allow God’s word Change the way we see life, change the way we see ourselves, and change the way we see God.

Prayer: Pray that God will multiply His grace upon your life (see 2 Peter 1:2). Not born again? Click this link:
-Pas SD Abraham


Yearly Bible Plan: Ecclesiastes 11-12 (this plan is continuous, you can start today)
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