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Eph 4:17

This I say, therefore, and testify in the Lord, that you should no longer walk as the rest of the Gentiles walk, in the futility of their mind. NKJV

Nkechi was accused of stealing the cooperative’s money because she was also involved in the embezzlement, but she didn’t care that people noticed. She had forgotten that unlike the rest, everyone had higher expectations from her because they believed she was a Christian; that was why they made her treasurer in the first place. Nkechi failed to represent Christ.

Christianity is about manifesting the life of God; it is about allowing the life of Christ that you have now received by God’s grace(because no mortal deserves this life) to be seen. We all have a past, no one was born-again from the womb, we were all once unbelievers (gentiles) before Christ saved us. It is possible for us to still continue to walk after the old nature. But you need to agree that walking this way profits nothing; it produces death, but walking in the new nature of the Spirit-life produces life and peace (see Rom 8:6).

Go into today knowing that you have received the new life of Christ within you and you have the ability from God to walk in His divine nature. Resist the urge to walk as an unbeliever by going around with a God consciousness; know that God is always with you and is on your side; do not grieve Him by disobeying Him or disregarding Him in your heart. Also remember that because you now have a higher life within you; even the world has higher expectations from you.


· Thank God for giving you His divine life

· Ask that God will empower you to always walk according to His life within you.

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By SD Abraham


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