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1 Jn 5:4

Because everyone who has been fathered by God conquers the world.This is the conquering power that has conquered the world: our faith. NET

Before purchasing the land, David made sure the papers were complete and the certificate of occupancy verified. Unknown to Him, there was a wizard named Alao who claimed to own the land, but only had stories to back his claim. The land had become very strategic since the new mega refinery was built close to it.

Alao came to confront David as he was inspecting his new land for his factory; Alao said the previous owner sold the land because he could not withstand him, that what made David think he could stand? "I have entered the world; anyone who dares me lives to regret it" Alao said (in Yoruba) to David. David replied in Yoruba "This land was issued by the government and I have paid for it. I too have entered heaven, and the real owner of this land (Christ) has conquered the world. Your threats don’t scare me".

Three years later, David’s plastic manufacturing complex on the land was now completed and making good profit. Sadly, Alao was said to have died mysteriously in India.

In Yoruba (a West African Language), when you say 'the world', It has a much deeper meaning; it also means the dark powers that control this physical world system.

You see, your faith in Christ is what makes you a child of God, and every true child of God overcomes the world because of this faith (see John 5:2-4).

Go into today knowing that the best thing happening to you is your faith in Christ Jesus. Walk in the reality of this power and never let fear or sin rob you of your faith.

Prayer confession: I have overcome the world through Christ. No power can stop me. I'm fulfilling my destiny as God has written it, in Jesus name. Amen

SD Abraham


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