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1 Sam 7:5

5 Then Samuel said, "Assemble all Israel at Mizpah and I will intercede with the Lord for you."


God has called you out of darkness into light. You should know that God also desires that you be an instrument through which salvation and life in ministered to the territory He has planted you, He didn’t only shine His glorious light in our hearts (see 2Cor 4:6) but He has also ordained us to shine this light to the world; a city is set on a hill bringing territories into the glorious liberty of Christ.

The help of God to people under territorial bondage won’t come through local alters. Local alters can’t ensure territorial deliverance. We see in 1 Samuel 7:5 that Samuel gathered the people together because he had won the confidence of the people and the elders. You must be mature enough to gather people for the purpose of seeking the Lord if the Lord will raise you as a prophetic voice in your territory. You must have the credentials to win the confidence of the elders.

In many cases, there are people who are too bound and can’t be delivered unless there is a deliverer. In 1 Samuel 7:9, Samuel offered a burnt offering to the Lord. There has to be some level of sacrifices. Territorial prayer meetings are supposed to be sacrificial meetings (See Psalm 50:5). In the New Testament, the sacrifice the Lord requires of us now is the sacrifice of our bodies (see Rom. 12:1). People who have not yielded themselves totally to the Lord cannot command divine intervention for territorial deliverance. We notice that Samuel didn’t do all these alone. He understood the need for building spiritual synergy. This kind of exercise cannot be done by a lone ranger. The Ebenezer experience is corporate. If you can’t build a body, don’t try to save a territory. It takes a body of matured people in God to deal with territorial powers. In verse 1 Samuel 7:10, we see the Lord intervening. There was a release of a territorial prince into the territory. After that victory, there was a testimony.

Go into today knowing that God is preparing you to minister deliverance unto the territory He has planted you. Out of your belly flows rivers of living waters (see John 7:38).

Prayer: thank you father because you have a plan to save this territory where you have planted me. I pray dear lord that you use me to fulfill this plan, I pray you use me as you will, in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen

By Otuokon,Ubokudom & SD Abraham

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