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Rom 1:5

It is through Him that we have received grace (God's unmerited favor) and [our] apostleship to promote obedience to the faith and make disciples for His name's sake among all the nations,


It is through Jesus that the apostles of old received grace and apostleship. It is through the same Jesus that we His Children of today receive grace and all of our callings in the kingdom of God. Everything that we receive from God today is through Jesus. You cannot get to God the Father except through Jesus (see John 14:6). God has called us into His glorious light so that we will represent Him on the earth. We can only do this sufficiently when we have His grace in our lives, which is His divine empowerment. We can only receive grace through Jesus; when we indeed make Him lord over our lives- this comes by faith in Him.

Today, many people who claim to be Christians do not even understand what it means to be under the lordship of Christ; they still think they own their lives and they can do what they want, that is the reason why they walk outside of grace, such people will attempt to derive their righteousness by laws.

Grace is received when you release yourself to the lordship and control of Christ Jesus. This is when you accept that you are no longer your own but you’ve been bought with a price; that your being on the earth is to glorify God with your body (see 1 Cor 6:19-20).

Go into today with renewed assurance that because you belong to Jesus, nothing can happen to you by accident. The whole of heaven watches over you jealously.

Prayer: thank you heavenly father for your amazing grace. I pray you give me grace to walk in this grace (grace for grace-John 1:16), in Jesus name. Amen

By SD Abraham

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