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Prov 26:2

Like a flitting sparrow, like a flying swallow, So a curse without cause shall not alight. [NKJV]

Two witches were discussing about a young man whose star they wanted to quench.

Witch A was the senior witch while witch B the apprentice.

Witch B: this boy will really cause us trouble in the future. Why don’t we just put a curse on Him right now?

Witch A: do you think it is possible to put a curse on someone like him who does not do business with our Kingdom? Haven’t you heard that curse causeless do not stand? He is heavily covered because of the blood of the Holy one.

Witch B: What do we do now?

Witch A: We don’t have to waste our time trying and failing to curse him. Let us use our old trick; let us send thoughts and words to him and try to make him believe that he is under a curse.

Witch B: what good will that do?

Witch A: if we can get him to believe he is under a curse, he will never prosper again because he will always be defeated from within.

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The Bible makes it very clear that if you are in Christ, all your curses have been nailed to the cross (see Col 2:14, Gal 3:13); Christ has cleansed you from every curse. Christians do not worry about curses; they instead focus on abiding in Christ and growing in Him. As you grow, lingering vestiges of curses fades away.

Go into today knowing that no curse can follow you to the presence of God; and that is where you dwell (see Ps 91).

Confession: I am fruitful in every good work. I am increasing in the knowledge of God, in Jesus name. Amen. (Col 1:9). Not yet saved? Tap:

-Pas SD Abraham

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