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John 8:32

32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. [KJV]

Danladi had experienced a great deal of demonic manipulations and attacks since he was a child. He would hear fearful sounds of strange birds that others couldn’t hear, and he would feel people pressing and suffocating him in his sleep. He had received deliverance several times but the problem always had a way of coming back. He received his final deliverance when he was exposed to sound faith teachings that made him grow spiritually. It got to a point that he would simply ignore the sound of the evil birds he heard because he knew that they could do him no harm. He latter no longer heard the strange sounds and he stopped having strange experiences in his sleep. He received his freedom by the knowledge of the truth (see John 8:32).

Does this mean we shouldn’t cast out demons from people? We absolutely should, but we shouldn’t stop there; we should lead them to know God’s word for themselves. And those who are not ready to follow Jesus are not truly ready to be delivered.

When Jesus sets a man free, that man is free indeed. Jesus is the word of God. When your soul has integrated with the word of God, Jesus dominates it, and two powers cannot dominate the same territory. This is how he sets people free from very stubborn demonic bondages.

Go into today remembering that the word of God in your heart and mouth is your strongest weapon; it is the strongest weapon. Ask the Lord to teach you to do effective warfare with His word (see Eph 6:17). Not saved? Tap:

-Pas. SD Abraham

Year Bible Plan: Ecclesiastes 1-2


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