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John 6:15

15 Then Jesus, because he knew they were going to come and seize him by force to make him king, withdrew again up the mountainside alone. [NET]

If money is your problem, remember that the way to generate wealth is by meeting a need. God's glory in you empowers you to solve problems and meet needs. Jesus met needs and this made Him relevant to the point that the people wanted to force him to be their king.

Jesus had great power and a lot of wealth offered to Him, but that was never what He pursued. He pursued the kingdom of God by focusing on the assignment for His life, and the things people pursued followed Him. Everything He needed for executing His kingdom assignment was abundantly provided.

We are to be as Christ is on this earth (see 1 Joh 4:17). We are to be carriers of His nature that gives expression to His glory.

There was a Spirit in Jesus that made Him who He was (see Luke 4:18). He did not have the sinful nature so He naturally submitted to the Spirit. That Spirit is also available for you. Jesus died on the cross to empower you crucify the sinful nature that hinders your submission to the Holy Spirit of truth. When you submit to the Holy Spirit, you will be like Christ because the Holy Spirit will work out the nature of Christ in you.

Go into today determined to submit more to the authority of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer: Lord, please empower and help me to be like you. Amen.

-Pas SD Abraham

Yearly Bible Plan: II Chronicles 33-36

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