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1 Cor 15:19

If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.


This teaching on the resurrection of the dead also gives Christians a hope of a coming kingdom here on the earth and here after. This is when our lord will come back with His saints to take over the governments and kingdoms of this world. The scriptures reveal that he will rule and reign for 1000 years and we will reign with Him (see Rev 20:4,6).

The saints who will reign with Him are those who have been redeemed from the body of sin and given a glorious body of resurrection. The kingdoms of this world will be taken over by force. It clearly will not be a peaceful hand over. Christ our lord will take over the kingdoms of this world by force. He will rule with an iron scepter (see Rev 2: 26-27)

Those of us who will rule and reign with Christ will be like him. We will all have superior bodies. These bodies will manifest our true nature as sons of God (see rom 8:23).

God did not just give us these promises but He has given the Holy Spirit as a guarantee; He confirms these realities and gives us a foretaste of the powers to come.

Seeing that we have a coming kingdom, dominion and glory that will make the best of this current world seem like outer darkness, let us make sure we stay accurate before God; doing all that he has measured out for us to do because He will reward the faithful by giving them territories to rule based on their work now on earth (see Luke 19:17). Here we will indeed see the meek (those who have submitted themselves totally to the lord’s government; doing His will), inherit the earth (see Matt 5:5)

Dear heavenly father, I thank you that I don’t just have hope in this world but also in the world to come. I pray you keep me in your kingdom by your mighty power. In Jesus name. Amen

By SD Abraham

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