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Eccl 12:14

For God will bring every deed into judgment,

including every hidden thing,

whether it is good or evil.


For the past few days, we have discussed on the first five elementary teachings about Christ (see Heb 6:1-2). These are teachings that all Christians are to be grounded in as they are foundational teachings of the faith. Today we shall be looking at the sixth topic in this series: eternal judgment.

The word eternal does not just mean the life after death but an existence that is beyond the scope of human life, eternal also refers to the times before you were formed in the womb, times you live on the earth and the times after you leave this world.

God and His sons are the only ones with eternal life; they are the only ones that can influence eternal decisions and occurrences. The teaching on eternal Judgment also introduces to us that God judges thoroughly; He knows people’s intentions and the choices they would make. Because we are free moral beings, God does not try to influence our decisions, He only helps us make good decisions we will make, based on the proclivities of our hearts. Because He is eternal, He knows our choices and because the laborers are few (see Matt 9:37), He channels His resources to those who will utilize it. Remember that God is essentially just.

When humans die, their souls live on; we never really absolutely die because we are spirit beings. Our scripture reveals that God will bring into judgment the acts of all humans, including every secret thing.

The teaching on eternal judgment reveals that God is judge and He will judge everyone, no one can escape this. People may escape human justice but no one will be able to escape eternal justice.

Go into today remembering that God judges justly and righteously. He is the one who brings order into the universe and He will bring order into everything that involves you.

Prayer: thank you heavenly father because I have eternal life. Thank you lord because I have been made a recipient of your great love. I pray dear lord that I will walk constantly knowing that you bring order into my world. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

By SD Abraham

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