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Heb 6:4

4 For it is impossible [to restore and bring again to repentance] those who have been once for all enlightened, who have consciously tasted the heavenly gift and have become sharers of the Holy Spirit,


Only those who are spiritually enlightened can consciously walk in the powers of the world to come as seen in Hebrews 6:5. There are certain manifestations of these powers; one for example is when Jesus walked on water, another is when Philip teleported (disappeared and appeared where he was going). These are things we will do naturally in the age to come: when we walk the earth with our bodies redeemed bodies; manifesting our true nature as God’s sons (See Rom 8:23-AMP Ver.)

The world and its customs are fundamentally opposed to the customs of the kingdom of God. God’s plan is that all His children work in great power and wisdom, but the reason why this does not always happen is because they do not all have spiritual enlightenment. When God calls a man and choses Him, He changes the way the man thinks because the way the fallen man was born to think is contrary and anti-productive in God’s Kingdom. When Jesus first sent his disciples to preach, He insisted they did not take any basic thing required for their survival; they were not even allowed to go with their money (see Mat 10:7-10). The reason He did this was because He was establishing in them the foundation of complete trust in God. You will see that He later told them to go with their belongings after they successfully went the first time with nothing (see Luke 22:35-36).

The once and for all enlightenment frees you once and for all from the thought pattern you were born into that limits the work of the Holy one in your life. For example, in the world, the way success and greatness is rated is almost always different from the way God rates it. God for instance rates a man who can control himself to be greater than a man who conquers a city (see proverbs 16:32). This shows that God gives personal character and integrity in a man more consideration than that man’s ability to do things with discipline and diligence; discipline and diligence are required to do both (conquer a city and have integrity).

A man who still rates success and greatness using the world’s template cannot go far in the kingdom of God; he is still not yet spiritually enlightened. There is a limit to the degree of power He can see in His life because his heart still has strong hold hindering the flow of God’s grace and blessings.

God’s power is already available for you; knowledge of His ways will help you connect to it. God says the meek will He teach His ways (Psa 25:9). Meekness in this context means total submission to the authority and lordship of the lord God.

To be continued…

Prayer: heavenly father, hallowed be thy name. Help me to have the right mind set from this day forth, in Jesus name. Amen.

By SD Abraham

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