Sunday, December 25, 2016


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Luke 1:45 [NET]
45 And blessed is she who believed that what was spoken to her by the Lord would be fulfilled."

The angel appeared to Mary and told her that she would conceive [while still a virgin] and give birth to a male child who will have an eternal kingdom.

This was hard for Mary to believe. The angel went on to convince her of the miracle power of God by telling her about Elizabeth who had recently conceived in old age (see Luke 2:36). Everyone knew it was medically impossible for Elizabeth and Zachariah to have children anymore because they were both very old. But the word of the Lord came to them, and Elizabeth was now pregnant.

Mary believed the word of the Lord and said: "Yes, I am a servant of the Lord; let this happen to me according to your word."(Luke 1:38)

Before Mary could conceive, she had to believe first. And when she believed she spoke [in agreement with her faith].

There is someone reading this devotional who the Lord has spoken great things concerning. You have heard these things and believed them, but your faith is now becoming weak because the things spoken are not happening yet. God’s word to you today is: Keep on believing; fight the good fight of faith. Do not let your faith ever waver, but keep speaking words of faith. The word of God [His truth] is our shield and attack weapon against the forces of unbelief (see Psalm 91:4b, Eph 6:17).

Go into today knowing that the Lord will do the great things He has spoken concerning you. He has not forgotten.
Hab 2:3: For the message [you received] is a witness to what is decreed; it gives reliable testimony about how matters will turn out. Even if the message is not fulfilled right away, wait patiently; for it will certainly come to pass - it will not arrive late.

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Yearly Bible Plan: Psalms 146-148

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