Saturday, December 10, 2016


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Prov 28:1 [NASB]
The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, but the righteous are bold as a lion.

Doyin went visiting his brother-in-law when he saw that their child was very sick. It was clear to Doyin that the sickness was a demonic affliction. This was the kind of situation that Doyin would normally handle in faith and send the demon packing, but the day before, Doyin did something wrong at work and his conscience was still torturing him. Because of this, he could not muster the required boldness to cast out the unclean spirit.

No matter how anointed a person is, if he loses his boldness and confidence in Christ Jesus, he wouldn’t be able to do much. The devil understands this too well. He does everything to keep Christians under the web of guilt and condemnation so that they would not be able to exert their spiritual authority over him.

As a Christian, you must never forget that your right standing with God is not based on your righteousness but based on the righteousness of Christ. The blood of Jesus has taken away every reason to stay in guilt over something you did and have repented from. Jesus has already taken the punishment for your sins; don’t attempt to take it again by allowing Satan to keep you under guilt through thoughts of condemnation. Satan knows that if you continue feeling guilty, you will not be able to access the required grace to walk in your divine nature.

(See Heb 12:1) Sins and weights slow Christians down in the race because the spiritual energy used to resist Satan’s fiery darts of guilt and condemnation could be used for more fruitful spiritual work.

Go into today knowing that there is no condemnation against you if you are in Christ. Jesus is our advocate in heaven (see Rom 8:34).

Prayer: Plea the blood of Jesus against every guilty conscience and thoughts of condemnation.

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-Pas SD Abraham

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