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Rom 8:15

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. [KJV]

Doshima had prayed and was sure that Timothy was the right man to marry; she had peace in her decision to marry him. He was a Child of God and he really loved her. She was also in love with him.

She went visiting her parents to give the good news. They were very happy too, particularly because Timothy had a good job as a consultant general surgeon. “My daughter is going to marry a doctor” Doshima’s mother kept saying excitedly. The next morning, Doshima’s parents woke her up early to “come and let’s go to visit our daddy in the Lord” who was a prophet. As soon as Doshima told the prophet her fiancĂ©’s name, he said “No! No! You cannot marry Timothy. It is not the will of God for you to marry him”. Doshima was not convinced but her parents now insisted that she was to follow what the prophet said and break up with Timothy.

The third common way the Holy Spirit speaks to us is through prophesies. In the New Testament, the Lord uses prophesy to simply encourage us and to confirm His words that He impresses on our hearts. WE ARE NOT TO BE LED BY PROPHETS but by the Spirit of God (see Rom 8:15).

In 1 Kings 13, we see the story of a prophet who was killed because he allowed himself to be led by another prophet and no longer by the word of God that came to Him. We see also from Apostle Paul’s experience that He was not going to be led by a prophet but only received confirmation information of what he was going to experience in Jerusalem(see Acts 21:10-15).

As we go into today, let us determine to live lives led by the Spirit by staying filled with the Spirit. Pray for grace to be filled with the Spirit always.

-Pas SD Abraham

Year Bible Plan: Heb 8-10

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