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Psalm 40:8
I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart. [KJV]

Tunde was just in time to see his two year old son putting his hand into the electric socket on the wall. He saw that there may be not enough time to cover the distance, he shouted 'Stop !'. Luckily the boy looked back, excited at the voice of his father. And Tunde smiled back as he approached him and took him away from danger.

Tunde's son was too young to understand the danger in putting one's hand into naked electricity but he was wise enough to delight in the voice of his father above the desire to try something new. Eve faced a similar challenge in the garden. Satan beckoned on her to try something new and interesting, but which God had clearly warned against.

This is the challenge we face each time we get tempted; to enjoy the pleasure of sin or to enjoy the delight of obeying God's voice. When we do not enjoy obeying God, it is a sign that we are rebellious and Psalm 68:6 says 'the rebellious shall dwell in a dry ground'. That is, the rebellious will always find life difficult. But whoever delights in obeying God will be saved from many dangers.

Go into today with a heart that rejoices at God's voice - even His rebuke or correction.

Pray that God should create a right spirit within you. Amen. Not yet saved? Tap:

- Pas. Adeolu Olumodeji

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