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James 5:16

…The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]. [AMP]

Danladi was watching the news. It was no longer news to him to hear that there has been yet another bombing in Bagdad or Pakistan. Each time he heard such news, he made it a point to pray for those places he heard about in the news. The day there was a bombing in Abuja, Nigeria, Danladi was eating pounded yam and Egusi soup when he heard the news. He lost his appetite immediately when he heard that the bombing was in an area close to where his sister and her family lived. He immediately started praying for them, and prayed for Nigeria in general. The difference between the prayer Danladi prayed now and the ones he usually prayed for Bagdad was that this one was heartfelt; he could not continue his meal but left it and started praying immediately.

We see from today’s Bible text that the earnest, heartfelt, prayers of a righteous man will make much power available. There is something about heartfelt prayer that brings more results. You see, God is Spirit and He picks our prayers from our spirits. When something is heartfelt, it means it has touched your spirit and it will affect even the mode of your mind and body.

Go into today determining to pray heartfelt prayers. Let the issue touch your heart, then pray about it.

Pray for the salvation of your loved ones; no one you are connected to should perish eternally. Pray today for the global Church, that the Lord will restore her power and glory.

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-Pas SD Abraham


Year Bible Plan: Numbers 21-24

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