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2 Cor 5:7
for we live by faith, not by sight.[NET]

Jide got a promotion with transfer. He was very happy, but his joy vanished when he remembered his work in his local church assembly. He remembered that just few weeks ago, the Lord specifically instructed him to be faithful with his assignment in that assembly; that he was going to be launched to greater heights through his work there. Jide now knew that moving away from the city was not God’s will.
He refused the promotion and was demoted because someone else had already been transferred and promoted to his current position.

As Jide served the Lord in the city, he grew so much in spiritual might that diverse healings were very common in his ministry. He eventually had to resign from his job so that he could cope with the worldwide demand for his ministry.

Every temptation has the goal to drag the tempted away from God’s will. That is why God never tempts us (James 1:13). We may be tempted to do what is wrong, and we can refuse. But when we are tempted to do what seems to be right, how do we discern and handle it?

Let’s remember that our definition of right and wrong is not based on the world’s standards, but based on the word and counsel of God.

When Jesus was tempted by the devil to do things that appeared acceptable and desirable (see Mat 4:1-11), because He had the spirit of God, He could discern and resist the temptations through God’s word.

Acquainting yourself with God’s word builds up your faith, wisdom, and your discernment level.

Go into today remembering that a man whose life is controlled by faith in God will also receive God’s help and guidance in everything.

Prayer: Ask the Lord for grace to always walk by faith. Ask for grace to study and understand God’s word more. Not saved yet? Tap:

-James Emmanuel & SD Abraham

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