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Rom 8:33-34

33 Who will bring any charge against God's elect? It is God who justifies. 34 Who is the one who will condemn? Christ is the one who died (and more than that, he was raised), who is at the right hand of God, and who also is interceding for us. [NET]

Daniel felt very condemned in his heart because of a sin he had committed. His conscience condemned him because of guilt and he couldn't pray and access God's grace. This made him miserable and depressed, he even became very sick.

The grace of God (as administered by the Holy Spirit) is so powerful, precious and sweet, that when a true child of God walks outside of it, life becomes bland and tasteless. This usually happens to a child of God when he has committed a "great" sin and is feeling very guilty. The accuser can capitalize on this to make him so depressed and empty of grace that he can become very sick physically. That's why James 5:14-16 talks about when saints are sick, that confession to the elders (Christians to whom they are accountable) and prayers would make the sick saint well. This is because the guilty conscience that plagues a saint to the point of making him sick (and this is orchestrated by the accuser) usually does not leave until he confesses to another saint.

Today’s Bible text reminds us that no one can lay a charge against God's elect. Why? Because Christ has died for you, and He also resurrected and makes intersessions for you. You are no more to suffer for the sins that Christ has already suffered for.

Go into today knowing that it is God who justifies you. He knew everything about you and your faults before He chose you. He justifies you because he chose you.

Prayer: Thank you Father because you are the one who justifies me. I receive the grace to walk in grace, in Jesus name. Amen. Not yet saved? Tap:

-­­­­­­­­­­Pas. SD Abraham

Yearly Bible Plan: Proverbs 23-24

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