Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Holding firmly to our confidence

Broadcast 3543

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Hebrews 3:5-6 (NET) Now Moses was faithful in all God’s house as a servant, to testify to the things that would be spoken. But Christ is faithful as a son over God’s house. We are of his house, if in fact we hold firmly to our confidence and the hope we take pride in.

When Sesugh met Seth in the youth coups orientation camp, he knew he was not talking to an ordinary young man. There was this confidence and intelligence that Seth had that made him stand out. He never scrambled for things like others, but he always got his way around because he exhibited a level of intelligence and clear-headedness that was not common in such a camp full of young people.

When Sesugh found out that Seth was a prince, and indeed the heir to the throne of a very significant kingdom and lots of Estate, he said "I knew it, I always knew there was something different about Seth. The way he carried himself and the way he behaved as if he had such a great reputation to protect".

The hope that we possess as believers makes us keep ourselves pure (see 1 John 3:3). It gives us confidence that money cannot afford. This Hope is the well from which our faith springs(Heb 11:1). The Lord Jesus is coming back to give us His kingdom. When he appears, our mortal bodies will be changed according to the likeness of His glorious body (see Philippians 3:20-21). We will literally inherit the earth and every other thing that belongs to God in the universe. The Holy Spirit substantiates this knowledge in our hearts to the point that it begins to affect the way we live and even our demeanor. No one can intimidate us. They will even at some point, start asking about the hope that we possess(see 1 Peter 3:15) because our hope and confidence with be evident.

Go into today knowing that this Hope and confidence we have motivates us to sanctify ourselves and keep ourselves pure. As long as this happens, we can be sure that we are members of the family of God. Jesus is our elder brother and we are joint heirs with Him (see Romans 8:17).
—Abraham Damilola Arigi

Bible in 1 Year: Acts 21-22 (In Devotional Audio)
Credits: Bible (Bible Experience, Zondervan)

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