Friday, January 13, 2023

Way to Kingdom Greatness

Broadcast 3545

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1 Timothy 3:13 (KJV) For they that have used the office of a deacon well purchase to themselves a good degree, and great boldness in the faith which is in Christ Jesus.

After Enyo served as a deaconess in her church for seven months, she realized that her boldness and spiritual might was greatly increased. She now had the ability to cast out demons and walk in the supernatural power of God. She saw that she now had the authority to rebuke sickness and disease. Her children who used to be very sickly were no longer falling sick because of her spiritual cover. Her mother who was dying of diabetes became miraculously healed when Enyo laid her hand on her and prayed for her from the standpoint of her new level of authority.

This was not always the case with Enyo. She didn't have the boldness to walk in her authority as a child of God, but her service as a deacon obtained for her a good degree: a higher level of kingdom authority.

Do you notice how much boldness and authority Stephen, Philip, and the other deacons appointed in the early church exerted after they were appointed (see Acts 6)? That is what the office of a deacon does to those who embrace it wholeheartedly and serve diligently. They obtain a good degree and great boldness in their faith.

Deacons are primarily ministers in the church who handle physical matters of administration, serving tables, etc. Their job in the church may not look as dignified as that of the elders or bishops, but such selfless service is the fastest way to kingdom greatness.

Those who run away from responsibility and work in the church of God are running away from an opportunity to increase their level of spiritual boldness and authority.

The advantages of advancing in kingdom greatness transcend time and space, they are eternal. When the kingdom comes, some will inherit thrones while some will suffer loss and only be saved as though through fire(see 1 Corinthians 3:13-15). Our promotion in God's kingdom is determined by our faithfulness to kingdom service.

Go into today remembering that the way to eternal greatness is service in the kingdom of God.

Prayer: Lord, please give me the strength to serve you acceptably. Amen.
—Abraham Damilola Arigi

Yearly Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 26-28 (In Devotional Audio)
Credits: Bible (Bible Experience, Zondervan)

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