Monday, December 13, 2021

Are You Tired?

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Judges 16:16 (Recovery Version), "And after she pressed him with her words every day and urged him, his soul was tired to death."

Samson was unique and had a very special assignment, but he died cheaply in the hands of his enemies. The tricks played on him failed and no battle could bring him down, even the lion's claws and jaw could not conquer him because the spirit of God enabled him in peculiar ways; he was the great deliverer who would have delivered Israel from their enemy the Philistines. This great man was However brought to his knees and cut short by Delilah. She accomplished this by getting him tired to death. By becoming tired to death or tired of life,  he became a cheap catch to his enemies (see Judges 16:4-31).

It was Delilah in Samson's case, but it can be something else in someone else's case; delay in getting a job, getting married, or having children, it could be a nagging spouse, a troubling in-law or boss. It might even be frustrations in ministry, etcetera. Whatever it is, it has the same aim of bringing you to the point where you are tired of life.

Jesus was not excluded, he had his own share of this experience. In Matthew 26:38 (KJV) he said, “My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death: tarry ye here, and watch with me". But unlike Samson, he did not give up; he prayed and also asked his disciples to pray along with him. James also echoed this when he wrote, “Is any among you afflicted? let him pray" (James 5:13 KJV).

Whenever you are tired, do what Jesus did and heed James' admonition: Pray. If praying alone is not getting you the desired results, ask your brethren to join you, but by no means must you give in to tiredness.

Go into today knowing that whenever you are tired to death, it is Satan that is working on your case and God is the one who can help you. So, pray!

Prayer: Father, help me to pray whenever I am tired, afflicted, or in trouble instead of worrying, in Jesus' name. Amen!
—Dr. Emmanuel James

Yearly Bible Plan: Ecclesiastes 5-6 (In Devotional Audio)
Credits: Bible (Bible Experience, Zondervan), Music(Maranatha Praise Band - No Higher Calling)

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