Wednesday, December 29, 2021

God Promotes

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2 Kings 11:1-3 (KJV), “And when Athaliah the mother of Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she arose and destroyed all the seed royal. But Jehosheba, the daughter of king Joram, sister of Ahaziah, took Joash the son of Ahaziah, and stole him from among the king's sons which were slain; and they hid him, even him and his nurse, in the bedchamber from Athaliah, so that he was not slain. And he was with her hid in the house of the Lord six years. And Athaliah did reign over the land".

The way Sydney rose through the hierarchy in her workplace to become the manager of the biggest branch was amazing. She got employed in one of the most competitive companies in her State and at the age of twenty-three, after working with this company for only four years, became the manager of the biggest branch. Being the youngest ever and the first female. Meanwhile, the other persons who had managed that branch in the past had worked with the company for at least twenty years coupled with a nearly impeccable record of their wealth of experience from the other companies they had managed. Because of these rigorous requirements, the managers of that specific branch were usually in their sixties, but Sydney's case was an exception. Her Dad, being the highest shareholder in the company, had used his influence to get her to this towering position.

From today's story, it is obvious that men can promote other men, and from our text, a man can even promote himself just like the king's mother did when she killed all the royal seed and made herself ruler over Judah. Because of these possibilities, many no longer wait for God's promotion, but disregard God's commandments and simply do whatever gets them the opportunity they desire.

A third option however exists; God Promotes. He promotes those who obey him. For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another (Psalm 75:6-7 KJV). David was a man promoted by the Lord, and unlike Athaliah who promoted herself, his dynasty has lasted and his influence eternal.

Go into today knowing that God promotes. He promotes those who please him just like he did to the Lord Jesus when He obeyed Him even to the point of death (read Ephesians 2:8-11).

Prayer: Father, I ask for the grace to always obey you in Jesus' name. Amen
—Dr. Emmanuel James

Yearly Bible Plan: Acts 17-18 (In Devotional Audio)
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