Thursday, July 29, 2021

Good and Faithful Servant – Who is faithful?

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Matthew 24:45-46 (NET): “Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the lord has set over his household to give them their food in due season? Blessed is that servant whom his lord finds doing so when he comes…”

Have you never seen one of those movies?
Young Jack and Jane love each other. Though initially faced with the disapproval of their families, who have a healthy enmity going on between them, their love persists and survives the inferno of hate and mountain of oppositions. At long last, when they ought to begin to consummate their love after a wonderful engagement ceremony that brings both families together, war breaks out and Jack gets conscripted into the army, and now ‘happily ever after’ must wait. Going off to war, Jack promises with his life that he’d be back. He gives half of his pendant, an heirloom, to Jane, and the scene closes in a somber note to the echoing voice of Jack screaming… “I’ll come back for you Jane. I swear it”, and she replies in between sobs, “I’ll wait for you if it’s the last thing I do”.

Three months pass and Jack isn’t returned but at least he sends letters. But then the letters stop coming, Jack is declared missing behind enemy lines. Weeks roll into months and months into years and still no word from Jack, only the faint echoes of his retreating voice whispering, “I’d be back”. Many suitors come knocking on Jane’s door, but she spurns them all. “He said he will return; I will wait for him” she says. Finally, after 5 years, Jack returns and finds Jane waiting, just as she promised she would.

Faithfulness is the ability to keep faith. This produces loyalty to a cause or a person even independent of changing circumstances.

A faithful servant will keep to the terms of his service in all seasons. His loyalty and service are not determined by his present circumstance. Our text tells us that the faithful servant is one who is found doing what he was asked to do even when the master returns unannounced. He is not in it for the name or the fame. He is not in it to score some brownie points or to gain some recognition. He is there to serve and would do so come rain come shine.

There is a sense in which faithfulness is a sign that faith is present. In the parable of the miners, you will find the unfaithful servant was the one who did not believe in his master. He felt his master was a sham, one who sought to reap where he did not sow. He had no faith in his master. His unfaithfulness was a testament to that fact.

No matter how touching a Jack and Jane story might be, Jesus is not Jack. Jesus is Lord, we have every guarantee that what He says He will do, He will do. When He says I go to prepare a place for you (See John 15:1-2) you can count on it. A faithful servant to Jesus is a wise servant (See Matthew 24:45). Likewise, He has given us more than an ornament of remembrance, but rather He has given us the Holy Spirit to guide, help, reassure and bring to our remembrance everything that Jesus has taught.

Go into today committed to staying true to the Master’s call and plan for your life, no matter what it takes.
—Ikechukwu Mpama

Bible in 1 Year: Ephesians 4-6 (in today's audio)
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