Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Commendable Hatred

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Revelation 2:6 (NET): But you do have this going for you: You hate what the Nicolaitans practice – practices I also hate

Right there in the cold Isles of Patmos, Apostle John was experiencing a sight so frightful that at some point he fainted. It was the vision of Jesus in his glory and splendor. He instructed John to write a letter to seven churches in Asia, he had warnings and commendations for the church. These letters, once more, give us a close-up inside look at how Jesus views things.

In the letter addressed to the church in Ephesus (See Revelation 2:1-7), Jesus commended them for their works, labor, and patience, then he scolded them for departing from their first love, and then again commended them, this time around, he commended them for what they hated. Jesus commended this church for hating the practices of the Nicolaitans because He himself hated their works also.

You see, the things you hate are as much an indication of where your heart is as much as the things you love. Our devotion to Jesus must regulate our desires and preferences such that we begin to love certain things and hate certain things as well.

It is an anomaly for you, a child of God, to love what Jesus hates. We must train ourselves to adopt his likes and dislikes through a conscious commitment to believe and walk in the truth the word of God reveals. Yours must be a continual work and walk of discovery and realignment of heart disposition under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

One might ask, but what exactly does Jesus hate? Hebrews 1 verse 9 will be a good place to start. It reads, “You have loved righteousness and hated iniquity; therefore God, your God, has anointed you with oil of gladness above your fellows”.

Go into today committed to loving what Jesus loves, and hating what he hates.
—Ikechukwu Mpama

Bible in 1 Year: Ezekiel 1-6 (in today's audio)
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