Thursday, July 18, 2019

Escape Eternal Death 2

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Romans 6:23 (NET)  For the payoff of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Kingsley lived with his elder brother in the city,  but his relationship with his brother left much to be desired. Kingsley was a thief and a gambler. He was so addicted to gambling that he once sold his brother's car to gamble when his brother was out of town.
The sin in Kingsley's life killed his relationship with his elder brother who loved him so much. Sin has been responsible for killing many relationships. A man with a good wife loses his marriage because he is an adulterer. A child loses his life because of a drug overdose. A plane crashes and kills hundreds because the pilot is suicidal, etc.

Even physically speaking, sin is responsible for many deaths in our world. Yet the death sin brings is more spiritual than physical. It is because of this spiritual death that there are sicknesses and diseases in the world. It is because of this spiritual death that humans can be oppressed by demons.
Sin brings all kinds of death, but God's gift of righteousness brings eternal life. The opposite of death of life.

The only way we can receive God's gift of eternal life is when we accept the Lord Jesus(John 3:16). Accepting the Lord Jesus does not begin and end with coming out for an altar call and/or praying a prayer. It begins with a decision to accept the Lordship and rulership of Jesus over your life. This decision would cause you to pray certain prayers and make certain definite decisions to forsake your sins because sin is an act of rebellion against the Lordship of Christ.

Accepting the Lordship of Christ would change everything about your life. It would change your world view from the default world view ruled by the Prince of this world to one ruled by God's eternal kingdom. It would change your culture and eliminate any practice and maxim that is contrary to the government of Christ.
After a person accepts the Lordship of Christ, he needs to learn the way of the Kingdom so that he would grow and become fruitful and great in the kingdom. This learning process is what we commonly call discipleship.

Go into today remembering that the only way a person can receive God's gift of righteousness that produces eternal life is by submitting to the Lordship of Christ and abiding in Him. Eternal life is the only life strong enough to conquer the death of sin.

Prayer: Lord, help me to live a life that reflects your kingdom and power. Amen.
-Abraham Damilola Arigi

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