Monday, July 22, 2019

Free Indeed

Romans 7:4 (NET)  So, my brothers and sisters, you also died to the law through the body of Christ, so that you could be joined to another, to the one who was raised from the dead, to bear fruit to God.

When Ken understood that he was under demonic oppression,  he knew that even though medical treatments helped him from his current affliction,  he would be back to the hospital in no time because the demonic affliction would find another way to manifest. That was his experience for many months. He knew that this was a curse in his bloodline because his father, uncles and even his elder brothers were afflicted around the same age with a similar kind of affliction before they died.

When his mother asked around in the village,  she was told that it was impossible for the curse to be broken except by human sacrifice because the curse was set into motion by the violation of certain ancient covenants ratified by human sacrifice.

Kelechi believed his case was hopeless until he saw a TV program and heard the preacher teaching from Romans 7. From the teaching, he understood that if he accepted Christ as his Lord,  he would become a member of Christ's body and receive eternal life. Because of eternal life that is timeless, he would be included in Christ before the foundation of the world and would be included in Christ when Christ died on the cross.
Because of Christ’s death,  he would be free from this powerful curse that seeks to cut his life short. After this understanding,  Kelechi accepted the Lord Jesus (this time in truth) and was willing to forsake all sins and live under the authority of God. In three months time,  he was perfectly healed.

One way to surely come out of a curse is through death. Anyone who is in Christ died in Christ and should not be under the influence of any curse. But there are many Christians that are not walking in this reality.

Every spiritual reality we have in Christ is received and actualized by faith. We must first be taught about them, and then receive them by believing what was taught. That's why faith comes by hearing (Romans 10:10).

Go into today remembering that you were included in Christ in his death,  and because of this,  you are free from the law and the curse of the law. You now live a new eternal life that cannot be brought under any curse.
-Abraham Damilola Arigi

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