Sunday, June 11, 2017


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1 John 4:109ESV)
In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us AND SENT HIS SON TO BE THE PROPITIATION for our sins.

I remember the only time I suddenly felt faint during my first week as a student at the Accident and Emergency Unit. A patient was rushed in bleeding profusely. If I recall well, she was heavily pregnant and apparently, the placenta had begun to separate from the womb.

My simple duty was to help quickly transfer her from the trolley to the bed, when I suddenly found that the room was into ballet and the ground was suddenly interested in getting closer to me. I had to sit down for a few minutes while the fellows worked to save mother and baby. It was the sight of so much blood.

Blood is a strong sight. It is very precious, and when shed it can be quite messy, staining and marking what it touches. It is not so easy to wash off.

When we talk about the grace of Christ, we are talking about His death, we are talking about His blood. His Cross.

This context, this grace is called the message of the Cross. The message of the Cross is the gospel of grace.

I dare you to watch the movie "The Passion of the Christ" (which is nothing compared to the price Christ paid) and then get up and say the impudent..."GOD LOVES ME NO MATTER WHAT I DO". That would either be a child or a fool or a hardened heart.

Rather, on the one hand, you will break down weeping when you know how much it cost God to show you His love. What Christ suffered. And on the other hand you will get up and make no waste of what is now so precious to you. You will take it and make full use of it.
-Dr. Ebele UzorPeters

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