Wednesday, October 5, 2016


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Ephesians 4:23 [AMP]
And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind

Bankole was once a thief, a liar, a fraud and a drug addict. He had nine girlfriends, and each of them thought she was his only girlfriend. He was so bad and deceptive that even he did not believe it was possible for him to change and become a sincere good person.

When he received the gospel, the first thing that exited him was how the gospel had the power to make him become good from within( see Rom 1:16). And this became his experience after he accepted Christ. He now became an honest businessman who was faithful to his one wife. He was now free from all drug addiction too.

One thing Bankole realized as he walked with the Lord was that he constantly needed to keep renewing his mind with the word of God. He experienced the word of God as the water that washed away the filth that ever so often tried to dwell in his mind.

Many Christians fall because they don’t realize that they have to constantly consciously use the word of God to remove thoughts and imaginations that are contrary to the righteousness of God.

Every sin that a man commits is the product of a seed of unrighteousness that was allowed to grow in his heart. Every fruit of righteousness a man produces is the harvest of the seed of God’s word allowed to grow in his heart.

We are to watch over the garden of our hearts and use the sword of the spirit (the word of God) to cut off and uproot the weeds of fear, anxiety, anger, hatred, malice, lusts and pride.

Go into today remembering to be constantly renewed in the attitude of your mind. Ask the Lord to fill your heart with His word.
-Pas Abraham SD

YBP: Acts 1-2

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