Saturday, October 22, 2016


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Romans 4:21-22 [NLT]
He was absolutely convinced that God was able to do anything he promised.
And because of Abraham's faith, God declared him to be righteous.

Gideon was sick and his situation only became worse. He kept on believing according to God’s word that he has been healed by the stripes of Jesus from the incurable disease that plagued him. But as time went on, he did not see improvement in his health. He knew that the devil wanted him to stop believing that Jesus has healed him. It was more than a battle for his health; it was a battle for his faith. But Gideon was determined to keep trusting the Lord and not waver in his faith.

During this period, because of his unwavering faith, Gideon grew in fellowship with the Lord like he never knew was possible. He became gallant in his faith and knew his ranking in the kingdom of heaven had greatly increased. Slowly but surely, Gideon became healed completely. It took about seven months. During this period, Gideon never changed his confession and conviction.

I don’t know why in some cases, the Lord does not bring the results he promised us immediately. But one thing I know is that when we continue believing in Him regardless of what we see, our faith pleases Him and edifies us spiritually. This produces a result better than what the mind can even explain.

If you read the previous verses of today’s Bible text, you would see that Abraham kept trusting God even though he did not see any reason to keep on trusting God. He and his wife were now physically unable to have children, yet he still continued to believe because God has spoken.

Go into today knowing that God loves it when you have faith just because He has spoken. This kind of trust creates opens heavens in unusual ways. Not born again?☞
-Pas SD Abraham

YBP: II Chronicles 21-24
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