Wednesday, September 7, 2016


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Ephesians 4:3 [AMP]
Be eager and strive earnestly to guard and keep the harmony and oneness of the Spirit in the binding power of peace.

Mrs. Anderson started behaving in a way that it appeared she didn’t want the brethren coming to her house any longer for their weekly Bible study cell group meeting. Chloe went around telling people that Mrs. Anderson was now tired of hosting them, that it was because Mrs. Anderson has backslidden. Amos was fast to stop Chloe from spreading this. He said: ‘Yes, Mrs. Anderson has suddenly changed, but do you know what she has been going through? I heard she is even having issues at work and may lose her job.’

Mrs. Anderson was later restored when the brethren refused to react to her strange behavior. It happened that during that period, she was so depressed that she was even contemplating suicide. But the Lord delivered her through the love and prayers of the brethren.

What Amos did is a good example of how to guard and keep the harmony and oneness of the Spirit in the binding power of peace.

Where many people with different levels of spiritual understanding have to deal with each other, there has to be conscious effort put into keeping the unity of the Spirit and avoiding strife and negative emotions.
Unity in the body is very important because it engenders the flow of God's blessing (see Psalm 133:1-3)

Go into today knowing that your Christian brethren should be the closest people in your life. Ask the Lord to help you always keep the unity of the Spirit in the binding power of peace.
-Pas SD Abraham

YBP: Numbers 13-16

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