Sunday, November 26, 2023

The Gate of the Mouth

Broadcast 3862
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Job 26:4 (NET) Whose words are these, and whose spirit has been spoken through you?

Think of words and spirit like breath and speech—connected and vital. Just as you can't speak without exhaling, the Genesis story highlights the unity of Spirit and word.

Our earthly existence is shaped by the kind of nourishment we consume, whether physical or spiritual. The Israelites learned this during their wilderness journey, facing hardship and hunger. They discovered that life isn't sustained by bread alone but by every word from the Lord's mouth (see Deut 8:3).

Consider this: words are to the spirit as bread is to the body. Jesus put it plainly, 'the words I speak to you are spirit and life' (see John 6:63). Words hold the power of life or death, as seen in Deut. 30:14-15 and Proverb 18:21.

Now, here's a crucial question for you today: What kind of spirit do your words unleash? Do they bring life or death?

James 3:2 (BBE) reminds us that we all stumble in our words. If someone never misspeaks, they're a rare individual with full control over their entire being.

Understand this: your words carry authority. They are infused with spirit. So, speak and pray God's word over your life today. Let the Holy Spirit bring to life the words you've spoken, manifesting the word of life in your world.
—Titus Ojima A.

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