Sunday, October 29, 2023

Look! An Open Door

Broadcast 3834
Rev 3:7-9(NET) "To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write the following: "This is the solemn pronouncement of the Holy One, the True One, who holds the key of David, who opens doors no one can shut, and shuts doors no one can open: 8 'I know your deeds. (Look! I have put in front of you an open door that no one can shut.) I know that you have little strength, but you have obeyed my word and have not denied my name.

Folakemi wanted an open door so much because she understood that an open door meant opportunities for greater blessings and promotions. She did not know that an open door was already set before her. Her problem was that she couldn’t see it. She was working in a place where she literally had to deal with thousands of campus students every week, and they all held her in very high esteem. When her eyes were opened, she saw that her influence over the students was an opportunity for her to do what the Lord had been impressing on her heart for years.

It is worthy of note that Jesus told the saints in Philadelphia to ‘LOOK! I have put in front of you an open door’. One of the biggest problems hindering people from walking into open doors is that they have not seen the doors set before them by the Lord.

An open door represents every new great opportunity provided for you to make spiritual and physical increases. One very important thing about this is that you have to see it. Secondly, you have to understand that if a particular door has been opened for you by the Lord, no person or devil can close it. This is the confidence you need to walk into your open doors.

Go into today asking the Lord to help you see every open door set before you in this season of your life. Ask for wisdom to make the best use of every opportunity set before you.
—Abraham Damilola Arigi

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