Tuesday, February 7, 2023

The right response to God's word

Broadcast 3570

James 4:17 (NET) So whoever knows what is good to do and does not do it is guilty of sin.

Itopa heard a powerful sermon about the kingdom of God and God's expectations for his saints. While hearing this sermon, he had a strong witness in his heart that what the preacher said was the truth. With the new understanding he gained, the scriptures also became clearer. After listening to the sermon, Itopa prayed and prayed, but he didn't change his ways. He continued to be a worldly Christian whose greatest aspiration was more money.

Ever since the day Itopa heard that sermon, his prayers were no longer getting answered. He also observed that he was no longer enjoying the fellowship of the Holy Spirit the way he used to. "What exactly is going on!" Itopa exclaimed. "How come my prayer life went dry after I heard that wonderful sermon and prayed so hard? Am I under an attack?"

After days of spiritual dryness and consequent afflictions, Itopa realized that the reason for the spiritual dryness he observed was because the word he heard brought greater light and a higher revelation of truth to him, but he continued to walk in his former ways of ignorance. Before he was exposed to this greater truth and light, the Lord condoned his ignorance since he didn't know any better, but the ignorance limited him greatly without him knowing it. Now that he was exposed to greater light, continuing in his old ways of ignorance was no longer acceptable before the Lord. This was the reason for the dryness he experienced.

Many believers walk in a very limited version of themselves because of the limited light of God's word that they have been exposed to. The Lord waits eagerly for them to receive greater light and consequently unleash their potential. But when such believers receive the greater light of God's word but refuse to change their ways because of tradition, convenience, or any other reason they may have, God doesn't take it lightly with such believers. They can experience a closed heaven because of that. 

Go into today remembering that every new exposure to greater light through God's word does not leave you the same, it either promotes you or demotes you if you refuse to adjust. God can wink at times of ignorance, but when greater light comes through the ministry of the word, repentance is the only acceptable outcome for God's people.
—Abraham Damilola Arigi

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Bible In One Year: Isaiah 1-6 (In Devotional Audio)
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