Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The First Works and the First Love

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Revelation 2:5 (NET)Therefore, remember from what high state you have fallen and repent! Do the deeds you did at the first; if not, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place – that is, if you do not repent.

Someone asked me what the secret behind staying consistent and growing in the grace of God was because according to him, many who were on fire for God on campus left campus and lost the fire.

Losing the first fire and love is a real existential problem among believers everywhere. The truth is that if there was a time you were closer to God and more on fire for God than you are today, it is a sign that something has gone terribly wrong (see Prov 4:18).

I don't believe it was a coincidence that this was the first matter that came up in the letters the Lord sent to the seven churches in Revelation 2-3.

We see a remedy for this malady in today's Bible verse. Here the Lord tells the believers who have lost their first love to repent and do the deeds they did at first. The way to stay on fire is to never stop doing the deeds you did at first.

One reason people lose their first love and fire is that they stop doing the deeds they did at first when they were on fire for God. It’s a slow fade, and this usually comes when believers begin to have the mindset that they have already attained. This mindset is contrary to that of a true disciple (see Phil 3:13-14). A young man who used to pray for hours when he was on campus now ‘does not have the time’ to pray for more than a couple of minutes because of work or even the demands of a growing ministry. A lady who used to spend quality time reading faith-building book now only reads novels because they are more interesting and ‘there is nothing new to learn again’.

Go into today remembering that consistency in the works of the first love keeps the fire of the first love burning.
— Abraham Damilola Arigi

Yearly Bible: James 1-3 

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