Monday, July 6, 2020

The Mind that Overcomes

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1 Peter 4:1-2 (NET) So, since Christ suffered in the flesh, you also arm yourselves with the same attitude, because the one who has suffered in the flesh has finished with sin, in that he spends the rest of his time on earth concerned about the will of God and not human desires.

After Rakesh accepted the Lord Jesus, he had a real struggle with his old habits of sin. At some point, it appeared as if it was impossible for him to overcome them because they had so much power over him. He loved the Lord, but he still found that his sins were so powerful that he started to think they were impossible to overcome, and grace covers them and gives allowance for a life dominated by the power of sin. But because he had walked in the communion of the Holy Spirit before, he knew he couldn't continue in the works of the flesh and be spiritually whole.

Rakesh got his freedom from the power of his sins when he read an article that helped him understand 1 Peter 4:1-2.

Apostle Peter walked closely with the Lord Jesus while Jesus walked the earth, he understood the mind and outlook of the Lord Jesus to life such that He lived a perfect sinless life. Peter understood that the only way the believer can live as Jesus did is if he has the same attitude to life that Jesus had. He saw first hand that for Jesus, pleasing the Father was more important than life itself. Jesus said things like 'if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off'(see Matthew 5:30). He saw how even though Jesus had the power to resist it, He was willing to die on the cross because that was the will of the Father. This mind that Jesus had is the only mind that has finished with sin.

Apostle Paul also had this outlook to life, that was why when a prophet told him that he was going to be persecuted if he went to Jerusalem to preach, that didn't change his mind one bit. For him, pleasing the father was more important than life itself (see Acts 21:10-14). 

The default mind of every human being is 'I want to enjoy my life no matter what', but the mind that conquers the power of sin is one that says 'I want to live to please God, so if suffering in the flesh is what it takes, then so be it.'

The world teaches us to love our [flesh] lives, but Christ teaches us to deny it. The world teaches us to live for earthly pleasures, Christ teaches us to deny ourselves and live for a higher purpose (Luke 9:23).

Go into today remembering that we should arm ourselves with the same attitude that Jesus had. He was willing to give His life in order to do the will of the father.
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—Dr. Emmanuel James

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