Thursday, November 28, 2019

False Doctrines: Guard Your Heart

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1 Timothy 1:3-4 (NET)  As I urged you when I was leaving for Macedonia, stay on in Ephesus to instruct certain people not to spread false teachings,
nor to occupy themselves with myths and interminable genealogies. Such things promote useless speculations rather than God’s redemptive plan that operates by faith.

When Jide got to the campus, he started attending one of the campus fellowships reputed to be deep in the teaching of the word. But after a few weeks, he found that even though his head was full of very interesting and high sounding things, his heart was empty and his spirit lean.
The teachers in that fellowship were given to [spooky] doctrines filled with speculations and logical inferences that didn't align with the position of scripture. Many of the members of that fellowship were excited that they knew 'deep things', but because Jide had walked with the Lord and enjoyed the fellowship of the Holy Spirit (and the attendant growth) in an atmosphere of sound doctrine in the past, it didn't take him long to discern that something was wrong with his new spiritual diet and fellowship. He had to leave that fellowship.

When Apostle Paul wrote 1 Timothy, there were false doctrines circulating that sounded very powerful and logical, but they didn't have the ability to produce faith unto fruitfulness but rather produced pride and weakness.

False doctrines have been around since the first generation church. Unfortunately, many of them are spread by genuine believers who have not been properly taught but who have a zeal to teach. If believers dwell in them for long, they would produce nothing but leanness to their souls and make them puffed up rather than being built up. Sooner or later, when the storms and pressures of life come, such would be reduced to their real small size and might be crushed because they were not being built up but were being puffed up [like bread or puff-puff]. A crushed believer would have a  shipwreck of faith. We would talk about this later.

Go into today remembering that sound doctrine produces faith and love in the heart of the believer, and builds him up(see 1 Timothy 1:5). False doctrines only give a knowledge that puffs up (and produces pride). Be sensitive to doctrines you allow to enter your heart because out of it proceeds the issues of life.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Give me this day my daily bread(doctrine). Deliver me from the lure of false doctrines. In Jesus' name. Amen.
—Abraham Damilola Arigi
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