Monday, July 2, 2018


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1 Corinthians 3:20 (NET)
And again, “The Lord knows that the thoughts of the wise are futile.”

When Lamide graduated from the University, she was very proud because she graduated with first class as the best graduating student in her university. She accomplished this through diligence and wisdom. From her first week on campus, she determined what she wanted and started working towards it.

By the time she graduated, she was already an expert at accomplishing her set goals. She was not easily distracted and knew how to get what she wanted. But she did not know God and despised the idea of being a 'born again'.

All her wisdom proved futile when she started dealing with enmity from the immortal realm. Her stepmother hated her more when she heard of Lamide's success in school. Her stepmother somehow believed that Lamide’s success was shielding her children from succeeding. She paid a sorcerer to cast a spell against Lamide. The spell worked, and with time, Lamide’s life was in disarray. She stopped making progress, made some very bad choices in life, and ended up a very unhappy person. Lamide's wisdom could not help her because her problems were spiritually orchestrated.

Anyone who only depends on human wisdom will find himself disadvantaged if he has to deal with people who have some little spiritual upper hand. But anyone who has the wisdom from above can never be disadvantaged in any situation. In all things, God works for their good (see Rom 8:28). Wisdom from above is only available to those who are in God’s kingdom. (see John 3:3).

As you go into today, go for the wisdom that has relevance both in time and eternity.

Prayer: Ask the Lord to give you His kind of wisdom. (James 1:5)
—Pastor SD Abraham
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