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Genesis 2:2

“And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.”


Laurie Ellsworth writes “We must force ourselves to slow down. Many of us have been raised to feel guilty about being idle even for a few minutes. We were taught that hardwork is good for the soul-and it is. Work was God’s idea for us right from the beginning since Adam and Eve worked the ground before sin ever entered the picture. But when we are tempted to think more is more, that’s wrong thinking. I believe God rested on the seventh day of creation not because He needed a break, but to give us an example to follow-because we do need to rest. For the sake of our health, we must stop our compulsive activity and force ourselves into occasional inactivity.” God instituted the Sabbath to teach us that our success in life is not all about our efforts, we need to take out time to rest. This opens our eyes to the truth that we need to depend on God for our sustenance and not just our efforts. In 1 Samuel 2:9, we are told that by human strength no man can prevail. One of the ways to prove that we are dependent on God’s ability is by taking out time to rest. Let us not get ourselves into the rat race; one thing about it is that whether you win or not, you’re still a rat. Have a day of rest, take a break and go on a vacation, create time to rest, i.e. relaxing both physically and mentally, then you will be refreshed when you stand up; God will give fresh strength to take up the next assignment.

Prayer: thank you heavenly father for your great love. I pray dear lord that you give me the grace to rest knowing that you are ultimately my source in this life. Thank you lord for hearing me, in Jesus name. Amen

By Otuokon, Ubokudom

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