Friday, October 14, 2022

Broken, and without Walls

Broadcast 3455

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Proverbs 25:28 (NET) Like a city that is broken down and without wall, so is a person who cannot control his temper
Some time ago the internet was agog with the description and potentials of the Israeli Iron Dome, an air defense missile system developed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells fired from distances of 4km to 70km away. But defense systems of nations have not always been this sophisticated. Back when the instruments of warfare were still rudimentary and the use of spears, javelins, swords, and shields characterized the weapons of war, a proper defense system of a city included the fortification of the city using walls.

Walls were the first line of defense to keep unwanted intruders out. The walls usually have a gate (or two) that is closely guided and not left unmanned. Another feature of the wall is the watchtower. This is also strategically placed on the wall to aid the city in identifying potential danger and alert the city dwellers to it. This is why cities/nations such as Jericho, Babylon, Troy, and China had walls. It was always a turning point in a battle when an invading enemy army breaches the wall of a city.

Now imagine for a moment what it would be like in such times if a city living among enemies were to be without walls or with broken down walls. That would be like extending an invitation to invaders and intruders to take over the city.

The Bible likens a man who has no control over his own emotions to such a city without walls. Such a man would be like a dog whose leash is in the hands of any who can turn on the knob of his dominant emotion. Such a man does not respond to issues according to God’s wisdom but is rather reactive. You can be sure that when offenses come, this man is bound to take them up, when seduction calls, he will answer, and when temptation signals he will respond. He is without restraint; lacking self-control.

The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, patience, self-control. A spirit-filled believer is not impulsive, his steps are measured, and he lives by the terms of reference of God’s word. Being Spirit-filled, and living accordingly, is the way out of living like a city without walls. A Spirit-filled believer walks in love and does not get easily angered; he is slow to anger. This is very critical, as the Scripture says, “Better to be slow to anger than to be a mighty warrior, and one who controls his temper is better than one who captures a city” (Proverbs 16:32).

Go into today staying with the Word and building the edifice of your inner man as you pray constantly in the Holy Ghost.
—Ikechukwu Mpama

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