Thursday, May 26, 2022

Enriched In All Things 2

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1 Corinthians 1:4-5 (DARBY) I thank my God always about you, in respect of the grace of God given to you in Christ Jesus; that in everything ye have been enriched in him, in all word [of doctrine], and all knowledge

Amaka suffered from demonic afflictions and fear even though she was a believer. Her Pastor had prayed for her and ministered deliverance to her several times, but the issues kept coming back. Her pastor knew that the only way she could be permanently free was if she received her freedom through the knowledge of the Truth (see John 8:32, John 14:16, John 8:36). Because of this, her pastor gave her books and sermons to listen to, but she wouldn’t read the books nor listen to the sermons.

She became totally free when she heeded her pastor's advice and started reading faith-building books and paying attention to increasing her faith through the ministry of the word.

I have seen Christians who are very careful with their conduct suffer demonic affliction and defeat, and I have seen Christians who like the Corinthians, are not as careful with their conduct. Still, they enjoy spiritual liberty and are enriched through grace because they have been properly taught and grounded in the word of faith. God neither wants us to live carelessly nor does He want us to suffer unnecessary affliction. But many times, His people suffer because of a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). This knowledge is the knowledge of His word-- Truth.

Go into today remembering that prayers are vital and indispensable to spiritual growth, but so is the knowledge of the truth (which is God’s word). Prayer is like a gun and the word is like the bullets. You need to get your gun properly loaded. Every believer needs to have the patience to settle down and learn the doctrine of Christ properly.

Heavenly Father, please give me the appetite to settle down and learn the things I need to know about this walk of faith. Please deliver me from distractions and help me focus on your will for me. Amen.

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