Friday, March 26, 2021

Foundational Truths: Eternal Judgment

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Hebrews 6:1-2 (NET) Therefore we must progress beyond the elementary instructions about Christ and move on to maturity, not laying this foundation again: repentance from dead works and faith in God, teaching about baptisms, laying on of hands, resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment.

Sean was in prison when he accepted the Lord Jesus. He had committed so many crimes that he had lost count. The crime that sent him to jail was one of the least crimes he committed, and he knew he deserved a much longer prison sentence if half of what he did was discovered.

After he received the Lord Jesus, he understood that no one could escape the judgment of God, even though people escape human justice. There is going to be a time set aside for God's eternal judgment. Sean was particularly grateful and committed to the Lord Jesus because he understood that because of the substitutionary work of Jesus Christ, only in Christ would he be able to escape God's eternal punishment for the many crimes he had committed. He knew that just like he had to face a judge one day for his crimes that were discovered, everyone would face Eternity's Holy Judge and nothing can be hidden from Him.

When Sean was released from the penitentiary, because of the understanding he now had of God's eternal judgment, he found it totally unnecessary to take vengeance into his hands anymore. He knew that everyone would stand before God's judgment throne and no one would be able to escape this (see Ecclesiastes 12:13-14).

The teaching about eternal judgment reveals that God will bring to judgment every action, including every secret thing. People may escape human judgment, but no one would be able to escape God's eternal judgment. A sound understanding of this doctrine will give us the right perspective in our dealings with this present world.

Go into today remembering that if you have repented of your sins and are abiding in Christ, you will not be condemned on judgment day.

Prayer: Lord, help me live a life that glorifies you in all things. Help me not to live in a way in which I will be ashamed when I stand before your judgment throne.
—Abraham Damilola Arigi

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