Saturday, February 29, 2020

Don't Neglect Your Gift

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1 Timothy 4:14 (NET) Do not neglect the spiritual gift you have, given to you and confirmed by prophetic words when the elders laid hands on you.

When Shola was a student at the university, he walked in certain spiritual gifts. He could see visions and prophesy. But after he graduated and got a job in the busy city, he neglected his spiritual gifts and was more concerned with other things. He found that even though he was making some money, he was not fulfilled but felt hollow and empty inside.

There are so many lessons from today's Bible verse that we would have to revisit it another day. The first point is that it is possible for a person to neglect his spiritual gift. Every gift has the attendant disciplines that activate it(fan it to flame) and keeps it active. For example, if a person has prophetic gifts (word of knowledge, word of wisdom, prophecy, discerning of spirits-- seeing visions), it is important for such a person to be given to prayer and the ministry of the word. Such a person must be committed to praying in the spirit on a very regular basis. Not being intentional about prayer (long prayers in the spirit) is functionally the way to neglect the prophetic spiritual gifts. Some other gifts require that you be a minister of God's presence and dwell constantly in communion with the Holy Spirit. Songs and worship are key to this.

It is important for the believer to understand his spiritual gift and be given to its attendant spiritual disciplines.

Even though Shola was now making some money, he lived a miserable defeated life because he ignored his spiritual gifts and disciplines and started running after money.

Go into today remembering that spiritual gifts were given to help enhance your fruitfulness. It is unwise to ignore them. If you have ever walked in a spiritual gift even once, it is because that gift has been given to you. It is incumbent upon you to learn the disciplines that activate it.

Prayer: Lord, please activate every gift that you have given me and help me never to neglect them. Amen.
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—Abraham Damilola Arigi

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