Sunday, December 9, 2018

Given for Kingdom Profit

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1 Corinthians 12:7 (YLT)
And to each hath been given the manifestation of the Spirit for profit;

I was once sharing the gospel with a stranger and I sensed he was unusually resistant to the word of God. I knew in my spirit that the Lord wanted to save him that day, but I also sensed in my spirit that he was not open to what I was saying. As I kept waiting on the Lord and asking Him for help while engaging this young man with the gospel, the Lord gave me a word of Knowledge concerning him. As soon as I told him the word, he became open to what I had to say because the word revealed exactly what was going on in his life. He accepted the Lord Jesus that day because he saw the power of God manifested through a spiritual gift.

The gift of 'word of knowledge' made a profit for God's kingdom that day. That is what spiritual gifts are given us for. They are given for Kingdom profit.

Every spiritual gift you have received is an investment of heaven in your life for which you are to make kingdom profit. Stir up the gift by not neglecting it. Remember that you would give account for how profitable you were with your gifts.

Many do not walk in their spiritual gifts because they do not yet have a heart for God’s kingdom advancement. One very great hindrance to the manifestation or receiving of spiritual gifts is self-centeredness.

Go into today remembering that Believers who have a heart for the advancement of God's kingdom will more easily walk in their spiritual gifts.

Prayer: Ask the Lord to give you a heart for his kingdom. Ask the Lord to help you walk in your spiritual gifts and be fruitful in the kingdom.

—Abraham Damilola Arigi

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