Tuesday, November 6, 2018


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Ecclesiastes 5:10 (NET)
The one who loves money will never be satisfied with money, he who loves wealth will never be satisfied with his income. This also is futile.

I recently had a conversation with a friend, and he was complaining about a certain wealthy man who was a believer he knew. So stingy was this man that those who worked with him complained and groaned bitterly. My friend went ahead to explain to me how wealthy this man was, yet the workers that worked closest to him were in terrible lack.

The way this man behaved in relation to money, it was practically impossible for him to win a soul for the Lord in his place of work.

People would only care about what you have to preach when they believe that you care.

Our conversation got me thinking. I realized that some of the stingiest people are some of the richest. When I read today's Bible verse, it became clearer to me that those who love money are never satisfied with it. They would always want to get more. Some billionaire would not mind impoverishing and taking from the very poor who can hardly feed.

People reflect the image of who they love. Those who love money will unwittingly reflect the mean, selfish and wicked nature of the spirit called mammon. But those who love God will radiate his benevolent, kind and gracious nature.

It is unfortunate when Christians are found to love money. Jesus made it very clear that you cannot love God and love money (Matt 6:24, Luke 16:13). It is possible to have a lot of money and not love money but use money. But those who love money are used and controlled by money. They are not rested and do not enjoy the money in the right sense because they are never really satisfied. That is futile.

Go into today knowing that a believer who is still controlled by the love of money cannot be a true witness of the Lord Jesus. A believer who cannot be an effective witness because of his love of money is actually seen as wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked in the Lord’s sight (see Rev 3:17).

Ask the Lord to help you walk above the love of money and be an effective witness for Him.
— SD Abraham

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