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Ezekiel 13:17 - 19 MSG
“And the women prophets—son of man, take your stand against the women prophets who make up stuff out of their own minds. Oppose them. Say ‘Doom’ to the women who sew magic bracelets and head scarves to suit every taste, devices to trap souls. Say, ‘Will you kill the souls of my people, use living souls to make yourselves rich and popular? You have profaned me among my people just to get ahead yourselves, used me to make yourselves look good—killing souls who should never have died and coddling souls who shouldn’t live. You’ve lied to people who love listening to lies.’

There's an evil spreading quickly, where social media especially, is expertly used to advertise sorcery. Due to an insatiable quest for money, fame, security, etc, many now openly solicit the services of sorcery, fancifully repackaged as jewelry, cosmetics, elixirs, lotteries, etc, to fuel their hedonistic lifestyles.

The ultimate aim of their craft is to turn men away from God. They appear harmless but will covertly ensnare and enslave those caught by their deceit into endless cycles, in pursuit of vanity. Therefore, God in His displeasure has issued out a strong warning to such success merchants, who are very clever in disguising idolatry (Acts 8:9-11; 18-23, 1Tim 6:6-10).

The spiritual media of God's word is the truth, greater than the deceitfulness of social media, which portrays all that glitters as gold. We mustn't envy those who are engaged in deeds sponsored by fear or spiritual beguiling, but rather, expose them by living for Christ (Matt 5:13-16, Acts 13:6-12).

Go into today, defined, not by the many "likes" online but by the real "Love" of One Divine, who died so that you can have true success (Pro 8:12-21, Jh 10:10).
-Chibo E.C.
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