Wednesday, September 12, 2018


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Hebrews 2:1 (NET) 
 Therefore we must pay closer attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.

Terso accepted the Lord on campus when he almost died as a result of the initiation rituals imposed on him by a certain cult group he was about to join. Their members abandoned him to die when it was clear that he wasn’t recovering from the wounds inflicted on him during initiation.

His life was saved by a Christian group who prayed for him and cared for him until he recovered.

He accepted the Lord, grew in the word of God, and walked in the tangible power of God as he grew. Many came to know the Lord because of him.

Many years later, he started ignoring some of the fundamentals of the gospel and started getting excited by strange stories and legalistic rules presented as holiness: every believer who didn’t dress a certain way was going to hell, etc. Terso became very judgmental and legalistic, as a result, there was no more assurance of salvation in his heart, and he was evidently waning in spiritual might.

After certain things happened in his life that proved to him that he had drifted away from the Truth that made him saved, he looked for his university sermon jottings and started reading them again until he properly understood them. The Lord restored him and he discarded the strange doctrines he had received.

It is worthy of all diligence to pay closer attention to the word of God and be sure that we properly understand the basics of our faith as believers. Many have drifted away because they did not give all diligence to understand and continue in certain foundational truths.

Go into today remembering that more than anything else in this world, we must give all diligence to the ministry of the word and to prayer.

Prayer: Lord, please help me never to slip away from your truth. Help me to always be a witness for you in this world. Amen.
—Pst. SD Abraham

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